For Business Owners

and Professionals

Do you feel like you are being pulled in 1,000 different directions,

and stretched extremely thin all the time?

Our proven process will allow you to get control of your time,

and maximize the value of your day!

7 Reasons to Attend This Workshop:

Walk away with a clearly defined process to get the most value from your day

Including how to:

1)      Be disciplined & prioritize your time

2)      Turn long term plans into weekly and daily actions

3)      Develop new habits to maximize efficiency & productivity

4)      Understand how your personality impacts your Time Mastery

5)      Effectively systematize & offload work that is not worth your time

6)      Track and measure your progress towards your goals on a weekly basis

7)      Implement time blocking that actually works

Bring your whole team and implement this across your organization!

Friday, January 19th 1-4:30 at the North House in Avon, CT

Stick around for Cocktails and Networking after we wrap up!

Ticket Price: $299

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