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11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

#1 How to Create Raving Fans and Get More Referrals

Building a "loyalty ladder" to create raving fans is a powerful way to get more referrals.

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#2 How do I Identify my Target Market for Direct Mail?

Direct Mail campaigns can be a highly effective marketing strategy if targeted correctly.

# 3 How to Create a Referral Program

Do you have a system for getting referrals consistently? Learn how to get more referrals on a regular basis.

#4 Weed out Bad Clients and Cater to the Best

What would your business look like if you only worked with "A" clients? How much time would you save not catering to the 5-10% that will never be satisfied?

#5 Build Strategic Alliances with other Businesses

Who else does your target market do business with? There are many creative ways to partner with other businesses to lower your acquisition cost for new clients.

#6 Advertise through Radio, TV & Magazine

Are traditional forms or advertising appropriate for your business? Discover best practices for advertising through these mediums.

#7 How Retaining Employees Leads to More Customers

Hiring, developing, and retaining great employees is the lifeblood of growth in a business. It can mean the difference between a company that explodes to the top of its industry and one that flatlines.

#8 How Do I Convert More Leads into Clients?

Converting someone into a buyer requires getting to know a person, understanding their wants, needs and desires, and solving their problem in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Once someone becomes a warm prospect, continue to move them through the sales funnel by connecting and educating them, and build momentum towards making an informed buying decision

# 9 Cross-sell, Up-sell and Down-sell Strategies

It is far more cost effective to enroll your current customers into additional or premium products & services than it is to go out and acquire new customers. How do you ensure that you are capitalizing on opportunities to sell more to your current customer base...?

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#2 Identify a Target Market for Direct Mail

#3 Create a Referral Program

#4 Weed out Bad Clients and Cater to the Best

#5 Create Strategic Business Alliances

#6 Advertise through Radio,TV & Magazine

#7 How Retaining Employees Leads to More Customers

#8 How do I Convert More Leads into Clients?

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