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How to Write a Great Vision & Mission Statement

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How to Change Your Mindset and Behavior

How to Make Changes that Stick -creating new habits

5 Ways to Get Your Business to Run Without You

3 Invisible Gates that Stop Most Companies Flat

How Your Greatest Strength Becomes Your Weakness

The Point of Power Hour

Creating Your Niche

How to Create a Marketing Message that Works

The Formula for Life Success

How to Build a Referral System

How to Overcome Your Fears



Time Strategies to help you be more efficient and effective with your time

How Do Business Owners Manage Their Time?

The most common challenge we encounter with business owners is understanding how to spend your time most effectively.

How are you allocating your time?

Are you spending it on the tasks that are helping your business grow?

Understand your time targets and get control of your time...

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How Do I Track My Time?

Now that we know where we want to be spending our time, it's time to see how we are actually spending our time...

What's the best way to track your time?

How do I analyze where I am spending my time?

How to be Disciplined and Prioritize Your Time

With your time analysis completed, it's time to get organized and allocate your time to spend it on the MOST IMPORTANT tasks.

How do you choose where to spend your time?

How do prioritize your time to maximize efficiency and productivity?

Understanding time mastery requires discipline and focus...

How to Create a 90 Day Action Plan for Your Business

Have you ever heard the saying "Plan the work and work the plan"?

Putting that plan together is where many business owners struggle or simply neglect to allocate enough time to do properly.

Learn how to create a complete action plan to maximize your efficiency and success in your business.

How do I Effectively Delegate to My Team?

Being able to effectively delegate is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs who want to grow

their business and get their time back. It can also be extremely challenging, especially when you are used to taking care of everything yourself.mIf you want to get things done, do them yourself! … if you like working 80 hours a week. If not, use these strategies to free up you time and empower your team...

Systematize Your Business (without making it boring)

Have you ever noticed that you get some of your best ideas in the shower? Every morning, you’re stuck there for a few minutes doing something you’ve done since you were a child. Your mind knows it has a couple of minutes to think. Employees get the same mental holiday when you specialize and give them systems for routine tasks...


There are few business owners that we speak with that are not having trouble finding the right employees to help grow their business right now. The truth is there are many people who ARE working – they are just not working for YOU.

This series is designed to give you the tools and actionable strategies to create a clear plan for finding the right people, inspiring them to work for your company, and ultimately to have them stay with you for the long term so your business can thrive.

Where Have All the Workers Gone?

Finding the right team starts with marketing...To find great employees you need to be great at marketing your business.

Where do you start?

Who should you look for?

Where do you fish for the right people?

Start your action plan to hiring success here...

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How Do You Find More People to Work with You?

Attracting Great Employees

Now that we are crystal clear on who we are looking for, how do we get them to take a step towards us?

The “Great Resignation” that we are experiencing now is rooted in many different things, but it has made one thing clear to employers… If your employees are not motivated or inspired by you and your business they will not work for you...

How to Design a Better Hiring Process

How do I get candidates through my hiring pipeline?

Now that we have attracted a pool of great candidates to our business, it’s time for you to determine who your next superstar employee is. Create a hiring funnel that takes up less of your time and delivers you candidates who are passionate about working for your company! At this point in the process, you need to be selling your candidates on the business and their role in the business...

How to Hire the Best Employees

How do I convert my candidate into an employee? As frustrating as it may be to find great people to fills the roles in your company, there is something worse… Finding the perfect person to fill that role and being unable to get them across the finish line to come and work with you. Make sure if you find that person you show them that you are the best company to work for and that you will make all their professional dreams come true by working together!

How do I Keep my Employees?

(Retention Strategies)

Just because you have gotten your candidate signed on as an employee, doesn't mean that your job is over.

Getting employees assimilated into your culture and engaged past the "honeymoon" phase when they are first hired takes an intentional effort by you and your team. Create a retention system for your business to keep those star employees happy and productive...

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Are you considering exiting your business? Whether you plan to exit your business by selling it, handing it off to the next generation, or simply want to step down from the day-to-day operations, make sure that you AND YOUR BUSINESS are ready to do so. These tools will help guide you to a successful and profitable exit!

The Overlooked Owner (eBook)

One hundred percent of business owners exit their businesses—either by design or by default.

This eBook will walk you through:
1) The reasons you may want to exit your business
2) Steps that you can take to prepare to exit
3) Actions steps that you can take right now

The Rainmaker's Dilemma (eBook)

How your biggest strength becomes your most debilitating weakness:
1. How much of your company’s revenue do you personally generate?
2. Do you know all your customers by name?

This E-Book will walk you through how to transition from being the Rainmaker to become the Architect of a business that runs without you and how that can double the value of your business!

Productise: 8 Ways to Turn Your Product into a Service (eBook)

How much of your revenue is recurring? Do you have a subscription model? This is one of the biggest factors buyers look for when purchasing a business is how much recurring revenue your business has. This E-Book will walk you through how ANY BUSINESS can create a product out of their service.

5 Strategies for Identifying Innovative Candidates to Replace Yourself as Founder

In 2012, Jaclyn Johnson founded Create & Cultivate, a media company that educates and inspires women to succeed in business. By 2018, Johnson had grown Create & Cultivate to eight employees when an acquirer offered her a staggering $40 million. Unfortunately, the deal was too good to be true. When the acquirer discovered how dependent the business was on Johnson to succeed, they pulled out.



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