How to Design a Better Hiring Process

Find Hire and Retain Your Dream Team Part III

How to Design a Better Hiring Process


How do I get candidates through my hiring pipeline?

Now that we have attracted a pool of great candidates to our business, it’s time for you to determine who your next superstar employee is.

There is nothing more frustrating (and expensive!) than dumping hours and hours of your time down the drain on people that are just looking for a paycheck, not a career.

How do I determine who the best candidates are?

At this point in the process, you need to be selling your candidates on the business and their role in the business.

In the same way you have a questioning funnel for potential customers, you can create a funnel for potential employees.


They need to be proving to you that they are serious about this position and are passionate about helping you to achieve your Vision and Mission.

If you allow candidates to simply go on and click “apply” then you are going to get flooded with candidates that you (or someone you are paying) have to sort through.

Add on a screening interview to that and you are talking about dozens of hours down the drain.

Imagine if there was a way to have potential employees do that themselves… well there is!

Selection vs. Deselection

The traditional way of hiring as described above is essentially a selection process, and is heavily weighed on your efforts.

YOU go through the rigor of qualifying your candidate and making sure that they are passionate about your business.

We coach our clients on a DESELECTION process. Essentially creating a sales funnel that your prospects must go through (and if they really want to work for you, they will!).

The process is designed to have people weed themselves out as they see that they do not have the passion and motivation to align with your company.

How do I create my hiring funnel?

Give your candidates multiple gates (steps in the process) that they must complete to be considered for the position. 

The easiest first step here are aptitude tests.

These are readily available on any hiring platform, and they make are a good way to weed out the people that are just resume dumping to anyone and everyone they can.

This will give you some insight into whether your candidates relative skillset is a good fit for the position, but more importantly, if someone isn’t willing to take 20-30 minutes to complete these, then they probably aren’t going to be passionate about your organization.

When do I get Involved?

We recommend one more step in this process where you send out a questionnaire having your candidate answer relevant questions about what they know about your company and why they are a great fit.

These can be as simple as:

-          What do you know about XYZ Company?

-          What excites you about our Mission, Vision (include a video explaining them)?

-          What about you personally makes you a great candidate to work for XYZ company?

-          What about you professionally makes you a great candidate for this role?

Imagine the perfect cover letter created by the ideal person for your company.

Ask questions that if answered by the right person will create that cover letter.

Who gets through these gates?

Depending on what type of business you are, there are more complex or simple ways of creating these gates based on the person/position you are hiring for.

However, when these gates are set up correctly, the people that make it through will have already thoroughly vetted themselves for you and showed that they are passionate about your business before you have even spoken with them.

There are more considerations beyond the scope of this article, and we would be happy to do a deeper dive with you!


-          Determine the criteria in your funnel

-          Determine what gates you want to put in place

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