How to Create a Great

Vision & Mission Statement

How to Write a Great Vision and Mission Statement


What is a Vision Statement?

You can think of the Vision as the summit of Mt. Everest. It is the mountaintop, the 100-year goal for your business. What problem are you trying to solve, and what legacy will your business leave?

This can be a daunting task, but try to think about how many lives you want to change, how your product or service changes them, and what impact it would make on the people and community that you are trying to serve.

Now we’re not telling you that your Vision needs to be world domination.

If you want to be “the best autobody shop in W. Hartford” that’s fine…

Your Vision could be to “Enabling every citizen of W. Hartford and the surrounding towns to have peace of mind knowing there is a reliable, fair and honest place to service their vehicles and keep their family safe.”

However, we would also challenge you to dream bigger. Your dreams can take you as far as you let them, and your doubts and limiting beliefs can hinder you in the same fashion.

ActionCOACH’s Vision is “World Abundance through Business Re-education”. World Abundance may take a while…but the 1000’s of coaches around the world are all working towards this goal, and hundreds of thousands of lives and businesses have been positively impacted because of that vision.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

a.       What words would best describe your business?

b.       What qualities do you see in your business?

c.       What qualities would you like to see in your business?

d.       What are the qualities that set your business apart from others?


What is a Mission Statement?

Your Mission is the path, the road that will lead you to the mountaintop. Here is ours.

This is HOW you will achieve your Vision.

What, specifically are you going to provide as a service or experience for your clients/customers/patients?

How are you going to interact with the community?


Be specific

1)      Questions to ask yourself:

a.       Who are we?

b.       What business are we in?

c.       Who are our customers?

d.       What makes us different?

e.       What are your values?

f.        How will you treat your customers?

g.       How will you interact with the community?

Look at your competitors, colleagues and other companies that you admire

A great place to start is to look at your competitors. Understand what they are saying about themselves, define how you are going to be different, and make that clear in your Vision and Mission statements

Be Authentic

If you don’t feel emotional and proud when you read your V&M statements, you may want to take another look at them.

 If you are not 100% bought into what you are saying, how can you expect other people (Customers, employees etc.) to be?

Let your passions, values and authenticity ooze from your descriptions…

That will attract people that share those same values to your business, which are the people that you have the highest likelihood of connecting with and turning into a Raving Fans.



1)      Draft your Vision and Mission Statements

2)      GET FEEDBACK – this is going to take several drafts, so don’t go at it alone!

If you are struggling with creating Vision, marketing to get your ideal clients, and overall business education and implementation, check out ActionCLUB!

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