11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

#1 How to Create "Raving Fans" and Get More Referrals

11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

We find ourselves coming into Q2 of 2021 with a new perspective on how business can be conducted, a realization that there will be a new “normal”, and some cautious optimism about a light at the end of the tunnel. Now is an excellent time to evaluate your systems and processes and position yourself to take full advantage of a rebound in your market, or to strike while the iron is hot if you have been fortunate (or innovative) enough to be in an industry that has flourished during this past year.

                This series will be focused on simple but highly effective strategies to increase your volume of business by generating new leads and helping you to convert them into new customers/clients/patients over the next month.

                Building a truly successful business requires a thorough understanding of the experiences and desires of your market. So how can you connect to the people who want your products and services and directly appeal to them? A common issue faced by entrepreneurs is that they are unable to define their potential customers or they lack the skills, resources and strategies necessary to build valuable relationships with them. By following some simple tips and engaging in some time-tested initiatives, this process can give your business the boost it needs to make 2021 a year to remember! Here are 11 tried and true methods for adding customers in record time.

#1 How to Create Raving Fans

                We all know who these people are. They are the people who cannot stop telling people about you and your business. They are so over the moon with the value and experience that they received from you that it is their personal mission to send you business. They are a golden asset to your business, and a tremendous source of revenue and new customers for you. Going above and beyond to create those “WOW” moments for your customers pays for itself many times over, and costs significantly less than traditional forms of marketing (…and it feels great to create that experience!). So how do you accomplish this?

                For a company to create this experience, they must be very intentional about each step of their sales process. Start by mapping out each step of your sales process… every touch point and communication that you have with your potential and current clients (by the way, if you haven’t mapped out and systemized your sales process so that it is consistent each time… please, please do that today!).  At ActionCOACH, we use the term “divide to multiply”. Break down each step, and think about where you can add value. Recognize where the “moments of truth” are in your sales cycle and make sure that you are going above and beyond every chance you get. Under promise and over deliver. Surprise them with add-ons.  

                Rather than giving them a coupon or a free item for their birthday, deliver flowers or a gift basket to them. Be fun and creative and different! I used to send my retirement planning clients a personalized rubber ball (like the one’s you used to see in the big white cages in the grocery store) from send-a-ball.com that would read, “Have a Ball, You’re on Your Way to a Comfortable Retirement”. Do you think people asked where they came from? Your investment in these special services can be calculated based upon the value of the business that raving fans bring to the company. Finally, when other potential raving fans witness this kind of VIP treatment, they will similarly become inspired to investigate you and tell others about the business, even if they do not do business with you!    

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