"Connecticut business abundance by championing the development and enabling the prosperity of everyone we engage with."

Our Mission: How we will achieve our Vision

We will educate, motivate and inspire our clients through our coaching and mentoring services and programs.  We will hold our clients accountable, working as a partner focused on their success with our engaged, positive and committed team.  We will serve any and all businesses across our economic geography while giving back to the community.  The value we bring will be measured by the enrichment of our clients, their families and their employees.  We will do this by:

  • Holding to the highest ethical standards
  • Being honest, open and candid with our clients at all times
  • Creating synergy within the business community
  • Fostering collaboration between community business owners
  • Recapturing the excitement that drove people to business ownership
  • Finding the space for better work-life balance
  • Being a mutually supportive team focused on delivering value to our clients every day
  • Finding fun in the work we do as a team and celebrating wins frequently
  • Proactively addressing challenges present in the business community directly and decisively