Workshops and Seminars to help you and your employees grow

sWorkshops & Seminars
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  • 6 Steps to a Better Business  – Learn 6 steps essential to creating sound long term business growth as well as 5 strategic ways to increase profits
  • DiSC®- the most popular personality assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. We will walk you and your team through your assessments and help you to improve the communication in your organization
  • GrowthCLUB – Learn how to and create and implement a 90 Day action plan.
  • SalesRICH – (Sales training) Learn how to sell through asking the right questions and learn how to overcome objections.
  • TimeRICH – (Time Management) Learn how to use time to your advantage. Budget your time and achieve focus with a Default Calendar. Learn the Five Stages of Managing Workflow. Learn 10 Time Management Techniques Worth Using. Learn how to run your schedule, in contrast to letting your schedule run you.
  • TeamRICH – (Team building) Learn how to build a high-performance team as well as effective team communication
  • ServiceRICH – (Customer Service Training) Learn how to identify who your best customers are, what that means to your business, and how to implement the principles of great service
  • PhoneRICH – (Phone Training) Learn how to write powerful telemarketing scripts and how to apply them
  • BusinessRICH – An action-packed 2 day boot-camp where you will learn how to increase the bottom line of any business through the implementation of smart Cash Flow strategies
  • FinanceRICH - Learn which numbers business brokers look at when evaluating a business, and how to derive from your financial statements what activities are truly driving business results, why cash is king, & profit is only a theory and planning your future. 
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Creating Great Habits - Understand what's holding you back and break though to achieve your greatest potential

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