11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

#11 How to Find and Hire the Right People

#11 How to Find and Hire the Right People

"Is it finally over?!?"

With the unemployment booster set to expire Sept. 4th, business owners are all preparing to breathe a much deserved sigh of relief in hopes that the employment crisis will finally be coming to an end. For many, many months, business across all industries have been reeling in desperation as thousands of Americans sit on the sidelines, choosing to collect unemployment rather than go back to work. 

Employers have raised their hourly rates, offered signing bonuses, referral bonuses, begged and pleaded only to still be left understaffed and over-worked. They have watched tens of thousands of dollars walk out the door as they have had to turn away customers and potential clients with no reprieve.  

As we approach what will hopefully prove to be the end of this, many employers will be chomping at the bit to finally be able to get employees to fill their vacant positions. However, there are some critical considerations and preparations that are necessary for business owners to consider before they begin hiring...

The Different Demographics of the Unemployment Workforce

There are two different sets of people who make up the unemployment pool (obviously with lots of gray in between), and employers need to be careful as candidates begin to approach their business.

While it’s tempting to lump everyone into the category of people that “would rather take a government handout than go back to work”, it’s not that simple. Many of these people had long standing jobs and were major contributors to the workforce when COVID devasted their industries and they lost their jobs. Many of them are parents, and people with families, and who wouldn’t want to have the rare opportunity to spend the summer with their kids while still collecting a paycheck? There are plenty of hard-working, reliable people that will be returning to work this fall.

That being said, there is also a portion of the labor pool that chose not to work, and will always look for ways to skirt the system. These people are not the one’s that you want to bring on as you look to rebuild your business…

So how can you tell the difference, and how do you make sure that when you find the right people, they stick around in a market where everyone is looking for employees?

Make Sure Your Systems Support High-Performers

There is nothing worse than bringing hiring someone who you are extremely excited about, only to have them jump ship for a more attractive opportunity!

For a deeper dive into this see:


Be Diligent with Your Hiring Process

What does your hiring process look like?

(Hint: If it is a generic Indeed application that takes two clicks to apply, you’re off to a bad start…)

 It may be tempting to make it easy for people to apply for your openings, but it will cost you way more time and money to sift through dozens of applications and interviews than if you make your applicants show true interest in you and your organization.

Use resources like aptitude tests and questions that require your applicant to at least have a rudimentary understanding of you and your company and why THEY are the right fit. This will help people to deselect themselves before they take up any of your time. If they’re not willing to take that extra step, then they are not likely to be a passionate member of your team!

There is more to this than we could fit into a blog post, so we will cover this at length in our webinar this month, “How to Find and Hire the Right People”.

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