11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

#10 Practical Branding Strategies Using Critical Non-Essentials

#10 Practical Branding Strategies using Critical Non-Essentials

What the heck are Critical Non-Essentials?

Simply put critical non-essentials are anything that is not necessary for conducting business but are critical for:

-           Showing clients that you care, and

-           Creating Raving Fans and WOW moments

-           Marketing your business,

-           Differentiating you from the competition,

Be Intentional with your SWAG

The first thing that comes to mind here is SWAG… mugs, magnets, branded water bottles, shirts, hats etc. Creating opportunities for people to be your own personal walking billboards is a great way to organically market your business. Here’s a few things to think about if you’re going to be investing in branded merchandise:

There is a balance between quantity and quality

-           Don’t just buy things that are poor quality that will just be thrown away. We have all gotten poorly made chachkies that may last a day and wind up in the garbage. If you’re going to buy pens for instance, get pens that are nice enough that your customers will actually use it and may get noticed by other people

o    (Hint: Blue ink pens are great for showing that signatures are original)

-           Rather than getting 500 flimsy travel mugs, get a customized Yeti mug for all of “A” clients. This is something they will use often and carry around with them.

o    Now, we’re not suggesting you go out and spend $10k on a whim, but be intentional about how and where you are investing in merchandise to create the biggest impact for your customers

     For more on this topic see https://acadia.actioncoach.com/1-how-to-create-raving-fans-and-get-more-referrals/

Choose items that will be used in situations where your target market will see them

-           Be clear on who your target market is and where they hang out. If you are looking to reach young parents with children think about what they would wear or bring with them to kids’ sports games where other parents will see them.

o    Think T-shirts, Sweat-shirts, Caps, Tote bags, Water bottles, Umbrellas

-           Make sure they are fun, creative, and quality enough that people will wear/use them in public!

Flowchart your customer experience and look for “WOW Moment” opportunities

Do you have “wow moment” opportunities built into your sales & customer service processes?

These could be handwritten thank you cards, personalized padfolios, extravagant “Welcome” kits… anything that will leave your prospect/client amazed, talking about you with other people, and showing off gifts.

The same can be said around creating a VIP program and making sure your “A” clients know you care, especially for those clients that are sending you quality referrals (see: https://acadia.actioncoach.com/3-how-to-create-a-referral-program/ ).

Brand recognition is powerful, and we live in a visual world, so look for every chance you get to maximize your exposure and you will see your customers and your profits skyrocket!

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