11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base

#3 How to Create a Referral Program

#3 How to Create a Referral Program

Everyone wants referrals because simply put… they are the best! Getting a warm introduction to a potential customer/client/patient can turn your week around in the blink of an eye. However, very few businesses consistently ask for referrals, let alone create structures and systems around getting them.

So how do you go about increasing your number of referrals?

First of all, let people know who you are looking for, and once you do get a referral, position it with them from the outset. Start your initial meeting with, “I want to start by thanking {Jim} for introducing us. Referrals are the life-blood of my business, and being introduced to great people like yourself allows me to allocate the majority of my time making sure I give the best service in the industry to my clients.”

Then follow by saying, “I would also like to stress that everything we talk about here today is 100% confidential. The only thing that {Jim}, or anyone else that you introduce me to will know is that we had a conversation. What you want to disclose to them is up to you.” Then, when it comes time to ask for referrals, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

What about referral programs?

                Another proactive way to get referrals is to create a rewards program around referrals from your customer base. You can be as creative as you want with this! Think of how you can incentivize both parties. For a dog food store for instance, give anyone who refers a new customer a week’s worth of free dog food for them and for the new customer. You’ll have customers bragging how they have “never paid for dog food” because of how many people they refer to you… another way of creating a Raving Fan... (see: https://acadia.actioncoach.com/1-how-to-create-raving-fans-and-get-more-referrals/ )!

Create a VIP experience!

Then, the more they refer you, the more VIP treatment you can give them. Hold a “closed door sale” for your top referral partners and “A” customers where they get exclusive deals not available to the general public. Roll out the red carpet and show them how much you care! That will make them feel validated as great customers, and show the people not in the “VIP Club” what they can expect if they reach that level!

Regardless of what strategy you use, make sure you have one and you are disciplined around executing it. We have over 20 different referral strategies that we use when we work with clients, so if you want to learn more, book a complimentary Strategy Session with us!

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